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Seven Reasons YOU Should Become A Freelancer!

Published May 3, 2020

First Off, What Exactly a Freelancer is and Why You Should Become

Simply put a freelancer is a self-employed, usually one-time service provider. (Usual services provided by freelancers include: Digital design, Video editing, or Content Writing)

Show's two freelancers working on their own time and looking comfortable in the process

Here’s an overview of why YOU should start working from home ASAP

  • You live for helping others
  • You prefer more personal interactions
  • You hate monotony
  • You want to travel
  • Commuting to work every day is wack
  • You prefer to compete with yourself
  • You’re creative

Now there are MANY other reasons why you would fall in love with working from home but can’t have you falling victim to “Paralysis by Analysis’. More on that at a later date! 🙂

1) You Love Helping People!

Who doesn’t feel better about themselves after they assist another person with realizing an idea of theirs?

Shows a freelancer helping a client.

Answer: no one! Now imagine you also love the thing you’re doing to help them! For example, I am a graphic designer and video editor. I’ve been interested in digital art along with film for as long as I can remember and I’ve always tried to explore the possibilities on how I could express myself.

Helping someone else actualize their vision is 100 times better and is itself the best form of self-expression!

2) You Enjoy Building More Personal Connections

Do you enjoy talking to a bunch of different types of people? Do you feel invigorated anytime you meet someone who has passion or opinions and most of all a deep desire to tell the world what they think? You’d make a great freelancer!

Everyone we talk to is another person. (Obviously, we all know how annoying it is to tell a website that we aren’t robots…). The point is; as a freelancer you are working WITH, not FOR, and this distinction is very important. It’s the difference between understanding and catering to best fit your client and pumping out work you don’t care about.

People can tell when you aren’t fully interested. Your creativity suffers and if it continues so will your reviews.

3) You Don’t Like Doing The Same Thing Day After Day

Life can be repetitive. We all know this. That’s no to say a schedule is bad, but what is bad is;

  • You don’t enjoy what you’re doing (This is a big one!)
  • You feel like just another number to whoever is over you
  • There is something more out there, you can feel it and you want it!
  • You are not getting the quality of work you deserve based on your abilities

Monotony is a sure-fire way to find yourself becoming unhappy. It leads to complacency and leaves you longing for something new.

If you find yourself craving more freedom. Freelancing is for you!

4) The World Is Your Oyster!

If (Like it says in reason three) you find yourself wanting more out life. To travel and experience new cultures. To EAT A TARANTULA!

You absolutely need to work from home! They say, “Home is where the heart is”, this may feel like a cheesy way to make oneself feel better about their life, but it really is true. If you know the world has more in store for you, but you are driving to the same job every day to do the same thing, no end in sight. You can kiss your dreams of exploration goodbye.

Listen to the Pinterest quote above. Put your heart into something you truly care about and you’ll watch your home no longer be an escape from work and vice versa. The world will become open to you as a digital nomad. You can go anywhere! Even if the only anywhere you want to travel to is the couch!

Especially if the place you want to go while working from home is the couch… or not. Not pointing any fingers as to why it’s the option *cough* CORONAVIRUS *cough*

5) Going To-and-Fro Is Infuriating

All of the previous reasons may seem as if I’m telling you to change a big part of your life purely because of how you feel. That is a very important part of it, but think of it like this:

No one likes sitting in traffic. Becoming a freelancer takes away the commute to  work every day!

“The typical American spends $1,249 a year on fuel and automobile maintenance to drive to and from work.”

Maurie Back with The Motley Fool

Now $1,249 dollars may not seem like that big of a deal for some, but to others, that can mean a whole month’s salary is going towards driving for twenty plus minutes. That money could be used on investing in yourself, your future, your kid’s future, the options fully depend on what you prioritize!

What’s more important; working from home doing freelance gigs and staying more connected with your family, or commuting to a giant box that inspires those uninspired to continue with that mindset and fill big boss man’s quota?

6) You Prefer To Out-Do yourself

Let’s say you work for a big corporation whose incentive is not based on the quality of your work. But the quantity. Now imagine a co-worker, we’ll call him Mike.

Now you and Mike both went to the same college, have the same degree, and your career of choice is developing brand strategies for your company’s clients. You put hours into each job and your work is always incredible, but you just don’t produce the same numbers as Mike.

Now I know this may not be the best example. However, it illustrates this point very well. Competition with others while working under a similar oppressor only leads to those involved to resent each other. Whether it goes back-and-forth or not is beside the point.

If you know a Mike in your life you definitely know how disheartening it is for your hard work to be devalued. As a self-employed freelancer, you know who you have to do better than? YOURSELF!

Maybe you’re thinking, “If I start freelancing on the internet wouldn’t there technically be more competition?”.

Well yes, that is technically true. However, in the great big web of the… web… You can diversify, specify, and exponentially grow a portfolio in more than just one area while YOU become a freelancer!

Look to other freelancers for inspiration, yes, but you’re free now. Worry about how you present yourself. Not how others do it themselves.

7) Most Importantly: You’re Creative!

You might hear this all the time and think, “Mmmmm where has creativity gotten anyone before?”. If that is you, I’m sorry life has lost that spark for you. It can be taken back! YOU can take it back! And to answer your question. Creativity got your employer where they are. Remember that.

Because freelancing is actively creating value for other people. You won’t be making bands while you’re asleep. However, many entrepreneurs started as freelancers themselves.

If you’d like to take working from home a step further and create your own business. It’d be as easy as deciding to start your freelance journey right now.

You’d get experience marketing, communicating with customers, building a personal brand, and many more aspects of what it takes to run a business from home!

Lets Review

  • Are you tired of working for someone else?
  • Do you have a skill marketable in a professional environment?
  • Do you want to spend more time with your loved ones?

If you answered yes to just one of these previously stated questions. You’d be perfect as a self-employed service provider! Below I will link you to the one thing you’ll need to start putting your abilities to use!

This link is the connection from you to a future doing something you love, and using the link below not only gives you the chance to become a freelancer now. It can potentially help me out as well! 🙂 Good luck!


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